#000: Dezdemona Lott

Referee, Retired Skater  

What is the inspiration behind your derby name?  I came up with the name from the Jimmy Buffett song “Desdemona’s Building a Rocketship.” I was an avid gamer when I first started roller derby, playing Everquest and World of Warcraft. Dezdemona was the name I used while online. Everyone I interacted with online called me “Dez,” so it just seemed fitting to carry the name into the derby world!

Best thing about roller derby? Being able to do something you love (skating) and meeting so many great people along the way that you can call your family and friends!

What do you do outside of derby? Stay-at-home mom.

Random, interesting fact: In 2008, before I started roller derby, I took a trip to Toronto, Canada, to participate in an annual climb of the CN Tower (one of the world’s tallest towers) and climbed 1,776 stairs in 36 minutes! I hope to do it again someday.