#667: Beëlzebabe

Retired Skater

What is the inspiration behind your derby name? “Beëlzebabe” is the feminization of “BeëlzeBUB,” commonly referred to as “Lord of the Flies” in most occult mythologies. And by “feminization” I mean 100% improvement because I can do everything he can do but backwards and on roller skates. And just for reference, my number, 667, represents “The Neighbour of the Beast.”

Best thing about roller derby? Roller skating is the best. thing. ever. Everything else is a bonus.

What do you do outside of derby? I daydream about roller skating. I also work as a Behavior Specialist/Dean of Students at a local charter school, tutor at a local tutoring center, and teach writing at a local community college. But mostly I daydream about doing all of those things on roller skates.

Random, interesting fact: Elvis, replete with gold lamé and blue suede shoes, officiated my marriage to Blairacuda (NSO #10½) in front of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign on the highway just outside of town.

#667: Beelzebabe